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Double Blessing Of 2 Water Tanks

Updated: Jun 1

We rejoice in God's goodness and faithfulness as He ministers His love to these children, families and village. We praise Him for His provision for this 5000-liter water tank that was needed for the school as it has grown and had been using Pastor John's personal tank from his property next door. The government required that the school have its own tank, so it was an urgent need to be able to get it in place during the semester break while the children were away.

A large concrete slab was made, and then dried for 5 days before the tank was able to be set. The gutters and hardware were purchased, and then labor to connect the gutters and hardware to harvest the rainwater from the classroom roof into the tank for drinking and cooking. Now we pray for rain to fill the tank.

Double Blessing!

God sent a double blessing with another 5000 liter water tank

along with provisions to install and connect it as the one above was being installed.

Glory!! He continues to amaze us!

We give glory to God for what He has done here in this young village school and church.

The school continues to grow as the interest of the village families bring their children. Another classroom extension is underway in preparation for the new year as the new third graders that will need space and a teacher. There are presently 70 students and 4 teachers. We appreciate your prayers and support as every gift is blessed by the Lord in His work here.

Pastor John and the 4 teachers and some of the children.

Well-wishers that would like to sow into this project

can give directly to Pastor John through his

Mpesa wallet through Moneygram, Western Union,

or other international apps.

His info is: John Ocholla

phone ##: 254 720441762

or you can donate through zelle at:

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