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Progress on Electricity & 3rd Classroom

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

PRAISE REPORT: We rejoice in the forward progress and completion of the electrical line and hookup to the church compound in early January of this year. Now waiting for the meter box to be hooked up to use the electricity with a desire and prayer for musical instruments for the worship services.

ANOTHER PRAISE REPORT: The timber has been purchased for the framework of the new walls and roof of a 3rd classroom which will be a double classroom like the first building. Half of the metal sheeting material has also been purchased as we wait for the Lord's provision of $300 for the remaining metal sheets, then $100 for nails, $150 for labor, and $50 for transport costs of the materials. This will complete Phase 1 of the new classroom bldg.

Phase 2 will be fixing doors and windows.

Phase 3 is plastering the floor.

The Lord is faithful as we pray and wait. Through faith and patience we inherit the promises of God. (Heb 6:12)

The children take a day to clean and clear the property in preparation for the classroom.

And the children were blessed with pencils and exercise books that had been working hard and showing motivation. They are growing and enjoying their learning experiences in the classroom.

The children love singing songs....


We want to thank all of you that have contributed to the building and progress of this budding Kenya village school and daycare center and to the support of the teachers as these teachers and parents strive to enrich these little ones with a better future in their education and spiritual development. Your sowing and generous hearts are not going unnoticed by our heavenly Father. He takes what you give Him and gives to them and He blesses it and blesses you. This little village church and school are in His heart and He uses you and me to fulfill His dream and plan for their lives. It's God's work and He will multiply our efforts and do more than we could ever imagine when we trust and lean on Him.

May God richly bless you as you share in the dream of the Father's heart for these children and these village families and teachers.

To look deeper into the history and journey of this relationship with Pst John Omondi in this Nyarombe Village ministry to the people there you can visit a previous blog that was created prior to this village school blog at:

For more information, you can contact Pastor John Omondi by email at:

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Well-wishers that would like to sow or give into this project can

give directly to Pastor John through his Mpesa wallet through

WorldRemit, Moneygram, or other international apps.

His info is: John Ocholla

phone #: +254 720441762

You can also sow a seed to the support of this church, school, and ministry through PayPal.

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