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Footbridge Built for Children & Villagers

Updated: Nov 10, 2022


The school closed for the spring semester break and reopened again at the last of April with 34 children. We praise God for this! Trusting the Lord's provision of $100/mo to provide a hot meal of rice for the children each day. Pst John says, "Feeding is one of our key pillars, because it attracts children to school."

FOOTBRIDGE BUILT: During the rainy season, the water drain-off makes it difficult and unsafe for the children to cross over the running waters so it was necessary to build a footbridge to help them cross safely. We rejoice that the Lord provided for this immediate need.

This footbridge will also be used by the villagers and church members to be able to attend church services during the rainy seasons as well. It is large enough for small vehicles to pass over but will add another culvert in the future that would allow larger trucks to pass over for needed construction efforts in the future. We praise God for what He is doing.

We rejoice that the electricity meter has been set now and electricity is flowing to the property and church building!

We continue to believe God for the increase in support and provision for the third classroom, for more provision for food that will draw more children, and for musical instruments for worship in the church.

Well-wishers that would like to sow or give into this project can

give directly to Pastor John through his Mpesa wallet through

WorldRemit, Moneygram, or other international apps.

His info is: John Ocholla

phone #: +254 720441762

You can also sow a seed of support for this school, church, and ministry through PayPal.

This is not a 501(c)(3)

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